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Hi, I’m Gurpareet Bains, founder of nüber food and creator of the Veggie Bar.

The culmination of over a decade of pioneering work, our products are designed to help you feel fantastic, by giving you tasty, convenient and healthy food with no artificial ingredients – a naturally great combination that we like to call nüber.

My mum would say that the work started as a young child, when I was regularly experimenting and making a huge mess in the kitchen, and my passion for food has taken me all over the world – developing fusion recipes in Australia, running a restaurant in Istanbul, and winning a chef of the year award in the UK in 2011.

Gurpareet Bains, nuber food, veggie bar

Most of my recipes have focused on using what are commonly referred to as superfoods – nutrient-dense foods considered to be beneficial for health and well-being. Many people associate the term with exotic and expensive ingredients, but the truth is that more humble ones are often just as good for you, and vegetables are the perfect example. Highly nutritious and lower in sugar than fruit, they’re a key part of a balanced diet. So a celebration of them felt like a great launch product for nüber food, hence the Veggie Bar – a really tasty and easy way of eating more!

It’s the result of years of development work, and was prompted by speaking to everyday people (including my Mum!) about their frustrations with existing snacks. Our first national survey indicated that most people would prefer a Veggie Bar over existing snack bars, so we hope that they hit the spot for you and your family, and look forward to bringing you more nüber food products in the future.


Gurpareet Bains, nuber food, veggie bar

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